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VetForum APAC 2019

VetForum APAC 2019

November 13-14, 2019

AVANI Riverside, Bangkok

AVANI Riverside, Bangkok | November 13-14, 2019

The APAC vet services market is in its infancy relative to its potential - and corporates are beginning to consolidate the market, supported by private equity involvement.  Against this backdrop, VetForum APAC makes an exciting addition to OpenRoom's portfolio.

The event follows our signature format of one-to-one meetings, a time-effective way for people and businesses to connect, identify opportunities and explore new solutions. 

Thom Jenkins
Founder & CEO, Gula

Chair, Thom Jenkins, Founder & CEO, Gula

Thom Jenkins has lived in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong while serving as COO of the first international group of veterinary clinics in Asia. Thom operated clinics across 6 cities in Mainland China (Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai), Hong Kong and Singapore, leading a truly international team from 20 different countries. Thom went on to be Commercial Director and COO of Village Vet, a group of 30 clinics in the UK, which is now part of the Linnaeus Group and Mars Petcare. He is the Founder and CEO of Gula, a telemedicine platform for veterinary clinics. Thom is also Non-Executive Director at Recruit4vets - a leading international veterinary recruitment agency, and an advisor to YLD - one of London’s fastest growing software engi­neering and design consultancies.

Matthew Lee and James Fang
Lincoln International

Speaker, Matthew Lee and James Fang, Lincoln International

M&A – market update and perspectives from global consolidation

Matthew leads Lincoln International’s UK and European healthcare M&A advisory efforts, having  joined in 2017. Matthew has nearly 20 years of M&A advisory experience, executing both sell‐side  and buy‐side transactions and fundraising for clients. 

James leads Lincoln International’s China and APAC M&A activities having joined Lincoln  International in 2018. James has over 12 years of experience in investment banking and private  equity investment. 

John In De Braekt, President, Veterinary Health Group, Mars Petcare

Round Table Chair, John In De Braekt, President, Veterinary Health Group, Mars Petcare,

John in de Braekt is President of Mars Veterinary Health Group, the world's largest veterinary services provider.  He's passionate about providing quality care and health services for millions of pets worldwide, and as a long-timer in the Mars business, has witnessed the growth of Petcare across the world. Joining as a management trainee in 1990 in The Netherlands, John spent the first 10 years in various finance roles to become the European Finance Director. In 2003, he switched roles and took the helm as Supply Chain Director for Europe. In 2004 his career progressed further and was named CFO for North America, leading a large transformational organization and M&A agenda. Before being appointed in 2017 as Vice President of the Mars Veterinary Health Group, he led from 2009 – 2017 a diverse group of associates in 12 markets as President Asia Pacific Petcare and Multisales.

John Burns - CEO, VetPartners | Patricia Shuen - Principle & Director, Pet Cares |
Kylie Griffin - Veterinary Coach

Panel, John Burns - CEO, VetPartners | Patricia Shuen - Principle & Director, Pet Cares | , Kylie Griffin - Veterinary Coach

Vets 2.0 - The Future of the Veterinary Sector

Join us for a panel discussion covering the trajectory for the future of the veterinary industry in the APAC region. Chaired by John in de Braekt, this is set to be a highly informative session with plenty of opportunity for members of the audience to pose questions and steer the conversation. 

Ella Snowball and Patrick Wood

Workshop Leader, Ella Snowball and Patrick Wood, Recruit4Vets

Engage to Retain

Client satisfaction is well studied and benchmarked within our sector but what about employee satisfaction? Richard Branson has built a business empire through prioritising the employee experience, trusting that as a result: “they’re gonna be smiling, they’re gonna be happy and therefore the customer will have a nice experience.” In this session, Recruit4vets present the results of their veterinary employee engagement benchmark survey, discuss how engagement can be a leading indicator of employee churn/retention, and explore what can be done to optimise for employee engagement.

Anthony Beck
Veterinary Business Consultant, AsiaVet

Round Table Chair, Anthony Beck, Veterinary Business Consultant, AsiaVet

Dr Anthony Beck has been developing veterinary industry investment strategies for China mainland since 2004 and is the only foreign vet to have built and sold a veterinary group in China mainland. He co-founded Doctors Beck and Stone and was acting Chief Veterinary Office until early 2019. He managed and trained a 60-person veterinary team spanning 4,500km (Beijing to Singapore).

Anthony has launched Asiavet consultancy that is focused on  building partnerships with Asian and China mainland practice owners boosting their ability to provide extraordinary client service and patient care, whilst empowering their veterinary team and maximising their business value through sustainable operational and financial reporting.

Ideas Worth Sharing

Ignite Session, Ideas Worth Sharing,

Short, sharp 10-minute sessions to ignite your curiosity.

60-Second Insights

Elevator Pitches, 60-Second Insights,

Fast-paced 60-second insights from innovative manufacturers.

Head of Corporate

Testimonial, Head of Corporate, Virbac

'I was looking forward to it knowing the groups that were attending in advance, however never expected it to throw so many opportunities our way.'

Director of Vets
Simplyhealth Professionals

Testimonial, Director of Vets, Simplyhealth Professionals

'It can be really hard to get to the right people even though they are existing clients - the level of seniority here is impressive.'

Operations Director
Goddard Vet Group

Testimonial, Operations Director, Goddard Vet Group

'The ‘speed dating’ in this context is nothing short of genius. I leave feeling enthusiastic about the commercial opportunities and I would be very surprised if I don’t do business with several of the companies I met. At least two of the companies I feel most enthusiastic about have previously approached me to meet at my office and I have declined, feeling that there was unlikely to be anything worth pursuing.'

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From single branch practices to large referral hospitals, Recruit4vets offer locum and permanent positions from over 4,000 practices.

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